Sunday, April 29, 2012


Bud Spencer (who made umpteen movies with Terence Hill, including the Trinity series) stars in this sequel to The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid (1979).  The amazing thing about these two movies, to me, is that his co-star is the little kid from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Cary Guffey!  Guffey plays an alien, H7-25.  If you saw the first movie, you'll remember the great low-budget effects, hilarious events and usual fights.  This movie isn't quite up to par with that one, but it's still pretty great and has even more of a sci-fi plot.  Borrowing from Invaders From Mars (1953), evil aliens make a base on Earth where they begin controlling people that can help them take over.  Unfortunately for them, the place they pick to do it is the same town where Spencer has just become sheriff.  The movie starts off with the usual fight scenes, Spencer beating up lumberjacks, The Brothers Dynamite (a gang of hoods who threaten to blow everything up if they don't get protection money) and a gang of miscreants in weird cars who wear masks.  Later, Spencer beats up a bunch of alien robots, who start repeating the same phrases over and over ("You're an alien-schmalien!" being one of the stranger ones).  One of the aliens is played by the very prolific Italian actor/stuntman Giovanni Cianfriglia (over 100 movies to his credit).  Some of the movie was shot at Six Flags Over Georgia.  Unfortunately, the English dubbed video of this on YouTube becomes un-synced halfway through so the sound doesn't match the action.  Director Michele Lupo made two more movies with Spencer before retiring.

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