Saturday, April 21, 2012


A creepy balding guy (Bo Brundin) tries to get "$65" for his rent by taking it out of the purse of a sleeping woman.  She wakes up and screams.  Unfortunately for him, she has a spoon on her bedside table, which she uses to gouge out one of his eyes.  Now he goes around with an eye patch and his (mostly female) victims are on the unfortunate end of knives, hammers and clotheslines.  He takes out all their eyes and uses them in his "art" (turns out he's a bad sculptor as well).  He passes them off as "50¢ fake eyes" that he resells for a dollar.  He rants a lot and says stuff like, "I am twisted!"  A subplot with a female art student goes nowhere.  The big climax takes place in a meat packing plant.  If you can handle looking at plastic eyeballs drenched in ketchup, I think you'll be okay getting through this.  Incredibly, this was directed by the same guy that made Snowman (1978), that movie where Mel Torme crashes his plane in Utah and has to survive on his own.  Brundin's next role was in Jerry Lewis' The Day the Clown Cried (1972).

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