Friday, April 20, 2012


Ray Danton stars in the title role.  We find out he's really good at yoga in the opening segment, which means he can hold his breath a long time.  This helps him out when things get tough later on.  Marisa Mell (of Danger Diabolik fame) is a red-haired adversary and Margaret Lee plays his blonde assistant-type who almost takes an electric bath.  The plot has some bad, bad men putting "Syncron 2" in the chewing gum supply at a bowling alley in Michigan.  This makes some girl gyrate like crazy to the jukebox, but it can also make grown men fight if their drinks are spiked with it.  It's obvious the whole earth is in trouble unless Superdragon can save the day.  There's kind of a strange non-ending though.  Semi-entertaining weirdness from director Giorgio Ferroni, best known for his 1960 epic Mill of the Stone Women.

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