Sunday, April 22, 2012


This Filipino movie stars 2' 9" actor Weng Weng (yes, a midget) as Agent 00.  He fights various villains so cardboard that you can almost see the corrugation.  It's humorous seeing him running around and jumping and stuff like that.  He does his own stunts too, they probably only had to pay half the usual amount of insurance (yuk, yuk, yuck).  Sometimes Bionic Man music plays.  Our little spy also slides across the floor a lot (with such force that someone must be giving him a push).  He's basically up against guys who kidnap a scientist so they can get the N-bomb formula (oh geez) and they also smuggle drugs inside loaves of bread.  When we find out they want to give it to kindergarteners, well, they lose any sympathy we might have had for them.  One of Weng Weng's best lines comes when the cab he's in runs out of gas:  "Jerk!  Now I have to walk on my little feet!"  The dubbing is pretty bad, sure.  The main villain is a slightly bigger midget and the two adversaries have one of the shortest (hahaha) martial arts battles ever.  It's kind of tedious but also just ridiculous enough to keep you watching.  I mean, any movie where a dwarf flies around with a jet pack has at least that going for it.  Weng Weng returned as Agent 00 in The Impossible Kid (1982).

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