Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Robert Walker stars as Edgar Allan Poe.  This is the story of Lenore, the character talked about in the famous poem "The Raven".  Lenore is Poe's first great love, but is nearly buried alive when everyone thinks she has died.  She is pulled out of the casket in the grave, but her hair has turned white from fright.  That's not all...she has also gone crazy.  Poe takes her to an institution run by Dr. Grimaldi (Cesar Romero).  He has some people locked up just to get their money and is doing some experiments with a new drug on his unfortunate patients.  Poe is always snooping around.  He gets some of the drug and has what he thinks are hallucinations of snakes.  There's not much going for it and it's really not all that interesting.  The end is probably the best part.  You could put this movie into two genres:  Edgar Allan Poe movie and/or snake horror movie.  If you are a completist of either of these, then obviously you won't want to miss it.  With Carol Ohmart (Spider Baby (1968)) as Grimaldi's wife. 

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