Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I didn't even realize this extremely obscure United Artists release was a British movie until AFTER I finished watching it.  A prologue shows a guy playing a flamenco-style guitar in a cafe - a man is shocked that the guitarist ISN'T Spanish, he's Hungarian.  I guess this is supposed to prove that people can appear to be something they're not.  Theodore Bikel stars as a high ranking Hungarian official who defects to Austria.  He gets sent back though to help some scientist defect, too.  The 58 minute running time seems way longer - almost nothing seems to happen.  Dullsville, man.  There's a part where they are all hiding in the woods - I guess that was memorable because it was outside.  The female lead (Adrienne Fancey) was in the director's (Denis Kavanagh's) next two movies as well.  Not much else to say, other than I have one of the first 5 votes on this movie on the imdb.

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