Saturday, May 12, 2012


Big boring drama.  I guess that's why someone on the imdb described it as "film noir", one of the genres that I rarely am able to enjoy.  A barber shop is a front for some bookies.  When some guy can't pay his gambling debts, he gets beaten up and then commits suicide (in a truck full of eggs) so his wife can collect the insurance money.  Darren McGavin plays a cop who wants to bust the thing wide open.  Unfortunately, some of the police force is in on it, too.  Some characters go out to eat where some singer named Bobby Helms sings an annoying song called "Jacqueline".  There's one really cool fight scene in the middle and the bad guys set off a bomb or something in McGavin's house.  Unfortunately, I didn't care what happened to anyone, it's boring and the performances are wooden.  Not my kind of movie either.  The year after this, director Paul Wendkos made Gidget, of all things.

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