Friday, May 18, 2012


Violent and brutal Spanish western (also known as a "Paella Western").  Robert Hundar (also in Why Did You Pick On Me? (1980), see blog entry of April 29, 2012) is an army sergeant, who through a stroke of misfortune, becomes the sole escort for nine chain-gang prisoners through the mountains, from their work area to a fort.   He is accompanied by his daughter, played by Spanish starlet Emma Cohen (the same year she was in Jess Franco's The Other Side of the Mirror).  His wife was stabbed in the stomach and killed by one of the convicts, but he doesn't know which one.  Not too far into the journey, the convicts find out that the chain that holds them all together is made out of gold.  As they die, the numbers start to dwindle and everyone turns into an animal.  This is probably the most violent western I have ever seen.  Shootings in the face and head, a man burned beyond recognition, throat slicing, stabbing and blood gushing out of wounds and guts hanging out.  All VERY graphically presented.  So don't eat lunch while you watch it.  It moves along quickly and doesn't become boring.  The director, Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent had already made about a dozen westerns.  This was his last one.

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